That guy.

This post is about a guy I met three months ago on a teen social-networking website (for the sake of anonymity, I’ll call the guy “Expo”). I was feeling pretty lonely, so I went on the site to find a guy with whom to chat. To be honest, I was looking for boyfriend, but I hadn’t had much luck. Anyway, I got an instant message from Expo. He was looking for a guy in the area to hook up with. Now, I don’t do hook-ups and told him I just wanted to chat. He obliged.

So, we chatted. He came on kind of strongly. Off the bat, he asked me if I was his type. I am not too into blonds, so I told him no. However, I also told him looks weren’t everything and that he still had a chance (really, he didn’t. I didn’t have the guts to tell him otherwise). He and I went on to speak for three hours, which surprised me. I didn’t expect us to speak for more than an hour, let alone three.

We started to speak daily, telling each other about our day. Gradually, we learned more and more about each other. Our conversations evolved from silly chatting to flirtation, mostly from his end. He held my interest, and I held his. He’d tell me the most endearing things; he’d tell me I was beautiful and, after we started talking on the phone, that I had an amazing voice. Once, he texted me that he wanted to hear my voice before he went to bed to sleep peacefully. Best believe, my heart was aflutter.

He made me feel so special. So special that, I often felt bad I didn’t reciprocate those sentiments. Why? Well, I felt that most of what he said was too cutesy and somewhat forced. Had I felt the same way, maybe I would not have sometimes lamented his comments. I did start to feel something for a bit, but the reality of the situation hit me; I knew he and I could not be, for several reasons: (1) My mom does not let me go ANYWHERE, or let me have ANY company. It would be hard to have a lasting relationship when you and your partner can’t meet; (2) I do not want to date anyone before college. I feel that if I am in a serious relationship when I enter college, I can’t date any college guys; (3) he wasn’t what I was looking for.

I had always dreamed of being swept off my feet by a kind-hearted, open-minded,  mature intellectual with a gorgeous smile, big dreams, and a desire for something enduring. Expo had the kind heart and a cute smile, but he lacked the maturity I needed (or at least believed I did). His disdain for non-silly, non-jokey conversation and his sexual history also made him less ideal. I hated that I had found a guy who had potential, but whose flaws, and other current condition, stopped a relationship from developing.

Another issue, which still perplexes, is that he is white. I have nothing against white people and am attracted to all races and ethnicities. However, I prefer to date black guys. Don’t get me wrong; I’ll date a person of any race or ethnicity. That is, if they seem the type who is able to interact with other cultures. Expo does not seem like that. With him, I do not feel comfortable discussing black issues or speaking African American Vernacular English (this, I believe and almost know, is due to an earlier experience with another guy).

Looking at all I have written, it seems he is not it for me. I know it seems curt. I did not feel like discussing all the details (though, it probably would help you to better imagine him). To this day, when we speak, he can easily make me smile. Yet, later he’ll do–better yet, NOT do–something, and I’ll realize he is not the one.

I knew the answer all along. Still, I wanted to write something.

-hadme(at)hello (Till I can think of something better.)

P.S. I know this first entry wasn’t the best. I can do a lot beeter. I just need to free my mind a bit, that’s all.

Tiger Woods? Again? Pssh…

This is long overdue. Very long overdue.

I am quite sick of the media coverage 33-year old professional golfer Tiger Woods has received for the past week. News outlets across the country continue to constantly update the oh-so-interested public with accounts of Woods’ alleged affair(s) (Yes, it’s speculated he has had several affairs). Some stories are quite ridiculous, while others are plain unnecessary. For instance, the Huffington Post released a story today that features one alleged mistress, 34-year old waitress Mindy Lawton, discussing a “well-endowed” Tiger Woods, and several places she and he have “extremely good” sex. Honestly, I did not need to know that.

Frankly, I don’t give a damn what Tiger does or doesn’t do with whomever. Prior to this story, mainly those who closely followed golf tournaments kept up with Tiger’s happenings. I mean, Tiger Wood is not the first man to ever cheat on his wife, nor the first celeb for that matter. Have we forgotten Brad Pitt, who had relations with his Mr. & Mrs. Smith co-star Angelina Jolie while dating actress Jennifer Aniston.

So please, someone tell me why people are so interested. Is it because he’s a golfer? Is it because he has children? Trust me. He would not be the first public figure with kids to (allegedly) cheat.

As one commenter wrote on the blog, Neatorama:

Its basically boredom and people’s incessant need to complain about stuff. People are just channeling their inner bitchiness, and the 24/7 news cycle gives them plenty of fodder. Complaining is, and always has been, the world’s number one hobby.

Agreed, my dear.

P.S. While I did not find Tiger Woods’ car accident or alleged affairs humorous (or interesting for the matter), it seems Saturday Night Live has.

Here it is.

I created this blog yesterday, but I didn’t get around to writing the introduction till now. You can blame the sleepiness that four o’clock in the morning brings. Anyway, welcome to my attempt at a social-commentary blog. Here, I will try to dissect the news I happen upon and offer, well, commentary.

More so, this for me. With this blog, I will force myself to become more aware of what is happening around me. With this blog, I’ll be able to arbitrarily draw conclusions on what goes on, and not rely simply on what the media tell me.

Unlike my previous attempts at such blogging, I will avoid a long introduction. If I feel one is necessary at a later time, then I will create one. All you (may) need to know about me is I’m (a) black, (b) gay, and (c) male. Oh, and that I’m a music whore. That about sums it up.

So, let’s get this show on the road. Hopefully, we can grow along the way.